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Hi Maryjane,

My mom and dad got divorced when I was 6 years old, Now I am 25. Mom is in her early 50s and dad in his late 70s. Mom never had the heart to marry any man since they divorced, But dad has married twice to younger women and he have children from all the marriages. His second wife flew abroad with his money and never contacted him. His third wife left him few months ago for a younger man; She also left with a huge sum of his money. Now, In his old age and bad health condition he wants my mom back. I Say NEVER!!! But what's best?

My Reply: I Also Say NEVER! But Forgive him and allow your mom to decide if she wants him back or not. If she don't she can't be blamed because he is reaping what he sowed, But if she takes him back she must be an angel and deserves to be applauded and please don't stop her. It's best they put the past behind them and start afresh, It's never too late to make things right as long as there is life.

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