A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Dear Maryjane,

I and my ex are planing to run away from our various relationships, So that we can be together and rekindle our old flame. Here is our major problem: I am married now, And he is engaged, Please is it wrong to go after our heart and rebuild our love? I am a Christain like you and I fear GOD, But I am so much in love with my ex, and I am ready to abandon my marriage and run away with him, He is ready to father my two children as HIS, because he loves me so much; He is willing to take any risk and do anything for me. Please should I let this great love slip off my fingers or grab it and run away with him?

My Reply- Hi ma, You sound like a first timer in love, And you sound immature too, I am sorry. You don't sound like a mother of two, You sound like a teenager. Your reasoning is immature ma. If he love you that much why didn't he marry you before your husband did? Please ma, if you have the fear of GOD in you; Stop this sin, stop sinning against GOD and your husband, and focus on your husband and build your home. (The Word Of GOD Says: A wise woman builds her home, But a foolish woman destroys it with her own hands). Thanks for  writing and sharing.

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