A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hello Maryjane,

I sin a lot and I can't help it. I just can't stop. I love to be holy and serve GOD, But I am addicted to sin. How can I be free from sin? Please pray away sin from me.

My Reply: Hi, No one can pray you out of sin or pray sin out of you. It is absolutely your decision to abstain from sin and stay far away from sin. The Word Of GOD says flee from all appearance of evil. The Word Of GOD also says make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lust thereof. Nevertheless, Someone can pray for the salvation of your soul. It is only in GOD's hand to draw you to Himself according to His Word that says No one comes to me except I draw him. May GOD save your soul and all the lost souls in the name of JESUS.

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