A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hi Maryjane,

I dated a guy for many years when He had nothing. When we were together he was jobless and I was working and supporting him financially. I sponsored him to get his music demo recored, And he finally got signed. As soon as he got famous and rich he dumped me for another girl. Now I cry him a river night and day whenever I read about him and the girl who wasn't there with him when I was suffering and smiling with him. I really suffered with this guy and now she has come to enjoy and reap where she didn't sow.

My Reply: Sorry for your loss but move on. The girl is not your problem, but the guy who should have remembered all you went through with him and be loyal to you. This is the reason why I don't do broke; because 99% of men are like him. Don't worry, The end will tell. Who laughs last laughs best and you will have the best laugh at the end. Patiently move on for nemesis to catch up with him. What goes around comes around and what goes up must come down. Be encouraged to move on.

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