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Hello MJ,

I am in love. So in love, Crazily in love with a girl; Just one, Only her, Although I have alot of girlfriends. My heart only beats for her. I am so restless and sleepless every night and day thinking about her and wondering if she loves someone else while I am drunk in love with her. I am prepared to quit other affairs just to be with her alone. I love her so much, But I am afraid she can't love me the same way I love her. I have never loved anyone like this before. I just hope she won't break my heart in future because it will hurt me so much. How can I know she will never hurt me?

My Reply: I wish we all I know who is going to hurt us in future we wouldn't have started certain relationship in the first place. So, I don't have answer to that question, But you can ask God. I advise you to continue to love her your own way and let her love you her own way. We all have different ways of showing love and it may not mean that one's love is more than the other. So, Just learn to give your best and accept her best. True love is unconditional and selfless. So, Continue to love her and let your love ignite her heart to give birth to a similar love for you. Don't stop loving her out of fear she wouldn't reciprocate the same way. Perfect love cast out fear and it is fearless. Love is patient and acceptance.

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