A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hi Maryjane,

I am about to say I Do to the man I love so dearly. He is ok and everything I ever wanted in a man, but he is so aggressive and violent. He beats me at the slightest opportunity. My friends and relatives says I am the cause; If I stop making him mad and jealous, He will stop beating me, And I am hoping he stops when we start having kids, because I don't want him to continue beating me up in front of our future kids. What is your opinion on this?

My Reply- They said it's your FAULT? Sorry, I totally disagree with them. Violnce & Aggression cannot be justified for any reason. He have a mouth to talk about it, Instead of using his hands wrongly. I see a bad marriage coming up, If possible terminate the engagement, For a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage. You asked for my opinion and that's it. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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