A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hello Maryjane,

I caught my boyfriend in the act with his best friend; A male. I am so devastated right now, I don't know what to do. Are homosexuality and bisexuality really evil? Or am I exaggerating? I want him just for me alone. I don't want to share him with anyone. What should I do?

My Reply- Run! Run! Run. Thank God you found out on time before you get married to him. It hurts to share your partner with a female, But I think with a male hurts even more. So, Girl take a walk. Nevertheless, tell him about it and pray with him if he is willing to pray "Agreement Prayer" with you, He will be delivered from that demon in him and start living right. If he is willing to change and if he pray ernestly to God he can change from Gay to Straight. Yes! Bisexuality and Homosexuality are abnormal and demonic. If he truly loves you and don't want to lose you he should be willing to change and pray till change happen.

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