A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

My wife was the best in bed before I got married to her. To be sincere that was one of the good qualities I saw in her that made me settled for her out of my numerous girlfriends then. Little did I know that she just used it as a tool to get me to pick her as my chioce. After marriage she changed automatically. Let me tell you what she does these days at bedtime; She turn over to the other side and sleep off, she gives various excuses like tiredness and headache if I request for sex, At times she even sleep off during love-making. Please talk to her for me. She reads your blog, She is your big fan.

My Reply:
 Thanks for writing and sharing, And extend my greetings to your wife. I don't get it, Did you really married her because she was good in bed? Oh that's a very wrong reason yo marry someone. Try and talk to your wife heart to heart and find out the reason  behind her change. She might be facing some problems bothering her that she don't want to tell you. Dear wife, Hold your husband tight please, you know what to do to please him, don't push him into the arms of another woman, Please do your best to fulfill your marital duties which includes sex/Love-making.

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