Night Post 🔥 3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Say No To Premarital Sex.

We all know sex is fun and sex could be irresistible or rather inevitable when we are with someone we truly have strong chemistry with, Love is not sex but sex is a part of love as far as emotional love is concerned. So, If it is legitimate to feel like having sex when in love; why did I want to give you reasons to say no to it before marriage? Lol. Find out below.

A lot of breakups before marriage are caused by premarital sex. You may not know but the marital delay you're experiencing is as a result of indulging in premarital sex. Have patient let me break it down for you. Lol. Continue reading below.

1. Any sex done before marriage is against God's standard. Once you accept it you sin against God and lower your moral standard. If things go wrong in the relationship you can't blame God because you didn't obey his word in the first place! So it serves you right.... Sorry.

2. When you commit any sin e.g premarital sex you open the door for the devil to come into your life to cause chaos and unwanted delay.

3. Men who their women refuses to have premarital sex with them speedily get married to their women; compared to men who spends many years having premarital sex in their relationships.

Avoiding premarital sex is a Godly practice and also a moral pratice. If you place value on your body you won't give it to a passerby or a theive... Yes I said so lol.... That's what he is until he is officially your husband, he has no right to your body until he is your husband. So, Say No To Premarital Sex.

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