Night Post: Let's Talk About Sex 🔥 (18+) Adults Only!

Best Sex Positions For Pregnant Women!!!

Hey sweeties, Do you know that during pregnancy the desire of sex rises for most women and the men's desire gets lower? Not because he doesn't like sex anymore but he is scared of hurting his pregnant wife. Some men are disgusted and irritated to have sex with their pregnant wife during pregnancy and this is really shameful and will put the wife in serious pain when putting to birth and pushing out the baby because the exit road will be blocked/closed. During pregnancy it's better to do sex positions that the woman will be in control and it is not advisable to do hard sex.

See the best sex positions for pregnant women below!

(Warning!!! Viewers Discretion Advised. This post is only for 18+) Adults Only...!!

Here are 10 sex positions that are safe and enjoyable during pregnancy. 

The Clip

The Rocking Horse

The Curled Angel (Also Called Spooning)

The Amazon

The Reverse Cowgirl

Doggy Style

 From Behind
 The Perch

The Hound (Similar To Doggy Style)

Frontal Cowgirl Styles (Also Called Woman On Top)

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