Night Post: Let's Talk About Sex 🔥 (Adults Only) 18+ (Viewers Discretion Advised) Adult Content.

What Your Man Need From You In Bed That He May Not Ask You!!!

Hello my lovely ladies, I know you love your men and you would do anything possible to please and keep your man. The reason why some men go out there and look for a hooker to pay and control in bed is because the woman they love doesn't give them what they want and they are shy to ask or don't want to ask so they won't hurt your feelings or so you won't feel forced to do it outside your will and desire. Common ladies, Let's try and please the man in our life! Lol I don't like some certain things but if it's going to prove my love to him and please him; then I can sacrifice to do it. Here are "5 Things" that your man need from you in bed. (Post only for adults)

Warning!!! The illustrations after the cut are explicit and very sexual. (Adults Only) 18+ Only Please!!!

1. You On Top Him: He enjoys to see you play and romance him. He love it when you sit on him and ride on him.

2. Back View Of Your Butt: He enjoys to see you face your butt on his face for a proper view. He love it when you give him the back view of your butt to admire and touch while having sex.

3. Licking His Balls: This maybe very "irritating" for we ladies who find it a lil bit disgusting lol, But men enjoys the pleasure of licking their balls a lot.

4. Sucking His Penis: Also called blow-job or BJ. Men adores oral sex. As a matter of fact most men prefers it to sexual pentration. Ladies doesn't find it enjoyable when asked to suck it lol. We prefer to receive the sucking and licking on our Clint than giving it to the penis lol. Note: Make sure you don't let him cum on you or in your mouth... That's disgusting and dangerous!! Wear A CONDOM. Men prefer it being sucked without condom, But don't you dare...! Lol. STD IS REAL.

5. Licking & Sucking His Breast/Nipples: You can take him to another level with this. Men enjoy this even more than we women. After a nice shower give it him!!

Addendum: Say no to pervert men who likes strange sex, Please don't oblige such men. Let them go out and get it with a hooker; While you take a dignified walk. Some men like annal sex, It's a No No for me, I've never tried it and never will lol, Annal and pervert sex is a no go area for me. Do what please you and your partner as long as it is not perversion, What you can't do for love; Don't do for money. Some girls can do anything for money e.g girls travelling outside their countries to be peed on and poked on, sexually dominated on and threesome e.t.c. Please say no to perversion.

Hope you learnt and enjoyed reading? Please cull & share for others to benefit too. Thanks everyone.

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