Night Post 🔥 Let's Talk About Sex: Sex Starvation

All You Need To Know About Sex Starvation!!!

Hi everyone, It's your girl again. Let's talk about sex. Many people see sex topics as a no go area Lol, But it depend on how you talk about it. Today, I want to talk about Sex Starvation.

Do you know SEX can either keep or destroy a marriage? YES it's as important as that. Many marriages are facing marital crises today because there's unseen war between couples in the bedroom. The outsiders won't understand when they see them having misunderstanding during the day and when you ask them what's the problem they say something else, But the main problem started at night when one or both of them refused to have SEX or better still make love.

Causes Of Sex Starvation In Marriage:

1. Lack of attraction: Are you looking attractive for your partner or not? Check that.

2. Unsettled Quarrels & Malice: Do you go to bed without settling your misunderstanding? Check that. Do you allow anger and quarrel to graduate to malice? Do you allow malice and anger to linger between both of you for so long? Check that.

3. Lack of love: Are you still in love with each other? Has the love fade? Has one of you fallen out of love? Check that.

4. Intruder: Is there anyone between you? Is there a third party or intruder between you? Check that.

5. Asexual: Do you really like sex? Are you sure your partner like sex? Some people are asexual and they don't like sex at all with anyone; Do you know that?  Check that.

6. Homosexual: Some people marry the opposite sex for parental and societal pressure and end up starving their partner in marriage; Do you know that? Do you really know the sexual orientation of your partner? Check that.

7. Spiritual: Do you have sex dreams at sleep? If you do, The problem is spiritual and need God's intervention.

Results Of Sex Starvation In Marriage:

1. Adultery: One of the main reason many couples have extramarital affairs is sex starvation. Sex starvation can push a faithful partner into committing adultery.

2. Divorce: Sex starvation can cause divorce. Sex is a bond and sexual act is the bonding glue that gum the couple together. Once sex is off the union will be weak and may collapse.

How to avoid & stop sex starvation:
1. Forgiveness, 2. Look attractive, 3. Be sexually creative, 4. Rekindle love, 5. Communicate, 6. Be romantic, have a good time, play together, laughter, romance, 7. Sleep together; Say NO To Separate Rooms, Sleep together always and have the same bedroom.

Advise: Husbands and Wives PLEASE stop sex starvation. Whatever GOD has joined together let no one separete! Including you as a husband or wife cannot seperate what GOD has joined together! So stop the sex starvation. Don't starve your partner with sex; it is wrong in the sight of God and in the court of law. The word of God says once you are married your body is no longer yours it belongs to your partner and you should fulfill your marital duties which include SEX/Love-Making. Don't be the one to push your partner out to commit adultery through sex starvation because the sin and blame will be more on you. I hope you enjoyed reading and learnt too! Make others benefit from it too! Kindly cull and share and give credit too! Thanks.

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