I know you love prophecy, but now open your mouths and pray. I can prophecy for you from today till tomorrow, but if you don't pray it is useless, Because God's principle is ask and it shall be given unto you. Even when you receive a good prophecy you must pray and believe for it to come to pass in your life if not it will not manifest.

Pray these prayers!!!

Prayer Points:

1. Father, Rescue me from unwanted beings let them fall into their hole

2. Father, Surprise me

3. Father, Disappoint my enemies

4. Father, Shock my onlookers in my life

5. Father, Confuse every monitoring spirit in my life

6. Father, Cast out every evil from my life

7. Father, Restore all my losses

In the mighty name of JESUS AMEN HALLELUJAH!!!

Happy Sunday! I'm off to Church... Go to Church. See you later!

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