Quote Of The Day!

I'm hungry, Not desperate.
I won't go for less, But the best.
I'm not bitter in this, It makes me better.
Speak, Curse the wicked, Mean it.
A closed mouth is like a toy in the hands of the enemy.

Tell that strategic devil and his agent they're pressing the wrong button. Say: I'm hungry but I'm not desperate, And I won't eat just anything I need the best meal. You may be hungry for marriage, money, fame, job or whatever... But tell them you are hungry but not desperate and won't go for less but the best. Can I preach like I feel it.... I'm getting the devil so mad, I'm trying to get someone really mad right here!!! Yes I'm hungry but not desperate, I won't go for less but the best because my God is the Most High!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it somebody, Mean it (My GOD Is The Most High). Get the enemy so mad and sad he can't contain it. I'm heading to the top... Who's coming with me? Only the children of God of course. Get lost satan you're a loser with your agent. I'm not bitter in this it makes better, but it will ruin you and you will regret it, Say it somebody, mean it. Open your mouths children of God, for a closed mouth is like a toy in the hands of the enemy. Curse that affliction and the one inflicting the pain... Curse, Curse, For whoever we curse is cursed and whoever we bless is blessed. I curse the wicked one and the affliction in the name of Jesus Amen Hallelujah!!!

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