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Iron Lady (Maryjane) Is A World Traveller And Doesn't Despise Any Land Because GOD Make You Prosper Anywhere!!! I Am A Living Witness & Testimony.

Anywhere you are can become a fruitful land for you, It may be infertile for others but God will make it fertile for you, because you carry the anointing of the Lord and the blessing of the Lord is upon you. Anywhere can be your greener pasture, God can turn anywhere to your promise land. It's not about what the land carry, It's about what you carry that stimulates the land to produce results for you. Beloved, Don't look down on where you are now because God can produce unbelievable results for you through it; be it a country, job, or whatever!!! Some people are abroad many years nothing for them, Some people are in Africa making a whole lot of money and achieving. Dear, It's the anointing and blessing of God upon your life that makes the difference not where you are. God is not limited by where you are, He is above limit. I can testify to this that GOD can bless you anywhere, anytime, all the time, and everywhere Hallelujah!!! (The Word Of God Says: When others are cast down, We will say there is a lifting up) Hallelujah!!! The recession anywhere cannot get to you because of the anointing and blessing of God upon your life. This is faith, Not fantasy! I am a living witness & testimony for the Glory Of GOD.

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