Shade Corner: Dare Art Alade Shades Fans Who Begs Celebs For Money!

Oh well, He is slightly right in this, but how is his business if I may ask? Lol. When next are you giving us a hit song if I may ask? I think you should concentrate on that 😁

Award-winning singer, Darey Art Alade, has condemned fans who beg celebrities for money on social media, saying that such people are fake; without real problems. He advised celebrities to be mindful of fans who beg them for money because in spite of how the public see celebrities, they are also laden with personal problems.

According to the alternative music singer, he doesn’t care about what happens on social media because he also has his own problems. However, he promised to continue helping people who truly need financial assistance as he has always done in the past.

“You just have to know what’s genuine and what’s not genuine; everybody get problem, even me sef I get problem, but I nor dey follow my celeb crush. It’s just because its public domain you just don’t know, but we spend our lives at times helping other people; I don’t really care about social media, half of the people there are not real. I’ve heard all sorts, if it’s not money then its relationship advice or one thing or the other. You just try and help whoever you can, the one you see; it’s not everybody that sits down on the social media looking for answers”.

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