Shade Corner: Stunt Or Shade? Comedian Seyi Law & Journalist Kemi Olunloyo Fights Dirty On Instagram - 'You're Imbecile Comedian Whose Baby Is Fat/Obese' Says Kemi. Seyi Fires Back 'You're A Family Recject'. (SMH For Both).

I'm lost. Why would two grownup adults be behaving like kids like this in public space? SMH. Like seriously? This looks more like an attention seeking game to me. Just a stunt passed out as a shade. I would like to state categorically that size shaming is totally wrong. I'm shocked to see Kemi still ranting and causing problem online even after been imprisoned for months. I guess she learnt nothing from that situation, I did though it didn't involved me but her. Learn from the mistake of others, don't wait for it to happen to you before you learn. Read my posts and go through it carefully you will see that I toned down the trouble-making-ish lol thanks to God. Now, read their shades below! 😂

Ace comedian,Seyi Law has fired back at KemiOlunloyo after she slammed him yesterday,calling his daughter Obese and fat.
According to Kemi,her reaction was based on his statement in April that he rejoiced when she was locked up..Seyi wrote

Oh Madam Kemi, when will you realise you have become an object of ridicule? You try too hard to find LOVE on social media because you are family reject. You wish you could have a lovely face to wake up and go back home to see like Tiwaloluwa, my precious daughter hence your bitterness towards her. O ma se o. Akuku bi omo. Omo taa ba gbe sonu ka toju ibi e ( A child we should have thrown away and keep the placenta). You are such a shame to the name you bear. All your cooking without people to eat with must be very painful. Eeeyaah!
I am a professional journalism, pharmacist this and that yet, you had to beg for your bail and feeding like a bed ridden patient. If only you were dedicated and committed to taking your drugs, you would not be raving like a rabies infected dog. I wish I didn't have to do this, but training an Adult child is not a bad idea. A fool well over Fifty only deserves our prayers. We remembered you in ours tonight.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this marks the end of SEYILAW ever replying nitwits and incoherent psychiatric bound adult children. Let me take you back to your class, I hope with this few points of mine I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that your stupidity is regrettably a birth defect. Anuofia

When controversial journalist,Kemi Olunloyo was arrested in March,ace comedian Seyi Law said though he rejoiced over her arrest ,the pastor behind her arrest to forgive and release her.This came after their online spat when Kemi called his daughter obese.
Well,months later, Kemi Olunloyo has reignited the beef today ,still dragging his daughter into it .She wrote

I heard you were happy I went to prison @seyilaw1. Your baby is still FAT AND OBESE. Take lessons from a health professional. There are lots of children in prison and all are healthier than Tiwa. I don't sugarcoat things. Your baby could hardly move in one crawling video.
Stop overfeeding her. I heard someone called her Kungfu panda. All these fake fans hyping her baby fat are laughing behind you. I went back to prison for another 24hrs due to a technicality and was glad to go back to check up on our 4 newborns and 5 toddlers.
The food is better than your mom's cooking. There is no prison food. You cook your own food. Now I go weekly to prison to drop off supplies and money for inmates with babies and IPOB protesters forgotten by Nnamdi Kanu. Excellence, Precious and some of those babies in there need our help, instead u are busy rejoicing about people going to prison, a pharmacist who advised u of your child's potential health danger. Shame on you and YOUR dumbass comedy.
I highly regret interviewing you giving u the exposure to my 27 million global blog readers. Go and read more about #childobesity. @majeayida pls forgive my anger here. As a foremost fitness trainer in Nigeria, you promised to do a write up to address fitness in children and childhood obesity but I was locked up for posting a news tip. People like Seyi should focus on people giving them correct info rather than promoting fake cybercrime laws against media professionals. As soon as you are back, pls DM. Sorry about the #Lekki floods. Thanks everyone for reading.

Seyi Law had written
“I was one of the few who was happy when they heard Madam Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo was arrested as I believed it will serve as deterrent to others who will just put out things to malign others.
“Madam Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has never been entirely right and we must acknowledge that and instead of just going after the Pastor, we must ask that he should be kind enough to forgive
“I don’t know if what Madam Kemi wrote about the Pastor was true, but what if it is not, we know what it means to have your character questioned, nonetheless we plead for his forgiveness.
“We can’t force it and so we plead for his forgiveness.

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