Stretched, But Still In Tact.

Situations can stretch us like elastic rubber to break us, But if God is with us; we will remain in tact when stretched.

Beloved, Give somebody a high five and say... Stretched, But Still In tact. I am not a product of my circumstances, I've been through a lot but I didn't loss my mind, I am still in tact Hallelujah!!! I want to let you know that God is not wicked; He allowed us to go through difficulties to make us strong, but He didn't put us in the diffiulties; we or our enemy did, God only allowed it to make us strong and grow our faith.

Don't ever wish to be anyone, because the person's challenges maybe more than yours... Me for example; I am gifted and beauty to behold, but you can't be me for a second and live; I've been through a lot, Stretched but still in tact. I am very good at masking my challenges by the Divine Strenght of God and Divine Wisdom, But beloved if you come close to me and I open up to you; You will marvel how I find the strenght and zeal to encourage and minister to you, And still say God is good inspite of the circumstances saying contrary. But you see, GOD is my strenght, I am still in tact and not broken or dead...Hallelujah!!! I am still in tact inspite of all I have been through. It reminds me of Biblical Apostle Paul that was encouraging those at liberty while in prison.

Sometimes before dropping a word for you, I say LORD please not today, I've been through alot today, I have no strenght to edify and minister but before I know it The LORD strengthened me in the situation and make me write a powerful message for you as if all is well with me, But Glory to God He is working it out for me.

We that minister the word of God gets more problems than you, Because the enemy fights the Word and the Word carriers. For instance: If I minister to you about faith; the devil will come to stretch me and my faith to fail, If I minister to you against sin; the devil will send a very tempting reason to sin to me, If I minister to you about financial blessing; the devil will try to mess with my finance, If I minister to you about anything the devil will try to mess with that aspect of my life, his intention is to stop me from ministering but he has failed forever, because GOD said to me fear not; for I Am with you.

Bible Reading - We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; We are perplexed, but not in dispair. 2Corinthians 4 vs 8.

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