Things Fall Apart Between Besties Tonto Dikeh & Swanky Jerry

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh and best friend, well, now ex-best friend and stylist Jeremiah Obodo aka Swanky Jerry seems to have ended their friendship!

According to sources, the actress got mad after the award wining stylist did not stand by her during her trying times with her former husband Churchill.

Recall that Tonto named Swanky Jerry as her Brides man (Male version of Brides maid) for her 2015 wedding with her ex-hubby, Churchill. Toto Dikeh also had a dirty social media fight with Toyin Lawani over Swanky.

Their breakup story gained weight after Tonto Dikeh didn't wish him a happy birthday on Instagram yesterday and later unfollowed him on the platform! Swanky however, unfollowed Tonto Dikeh earlier today on Instagram too.

A source alleged that, Swanky is a "fair weather" friend and Tonto is sick and tired of such attitude, while another claimed "Swanky doesn't want Tonto to hurt his brand with her messy divorce saga"

Whichever way it is, I hope and pray they get back stronger. There is nothing like TRUE FRIENDSHIP is the best! (To Swanky & Tonto I say, I want to know the koko of this matter. My ears are itching me lol) Anyway, I like the fact that Swanky didn't mess up himself in Tonto's dirty scandal with ex-hubby, But I wished he'd be there for her underground. I know Swank as a classy and calm guy, So maybe he tried to advise Tonto on what to do and how to behave like I did and she didn't listern to him and that may have upset Swank like it upset me lol. Swank over Tonto anyday but may peace reign guys.

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