True Life Story: Old Woman Was Caught Having Sex With A Younger Man, And Was Asked To Pay Fine Of 3 Goats.

SMH. See how remote some Nigerians can be? She is 70 and he is 30 both adults and were caught having sex so what? Men do it all the time and are not fined for the act, So women can't? Says who? Men have toy-girls, So women cannot have toy-boys abi? Lol. The old-mama is a widow for crying out loud and congi is a bastard.. Oldies gets horny too lol. Anyway, I'm not supporting the act but the humiliation and judgement passed on her was too harsh as if they're saints. Read the story below!

An old widow who was caught doing it with her younger lover in a community in Ebonyi State has been given a fine to pay three goats to appease the gods.

There is more trouble for a 70-year-old widow who was caught having sex with a 30-year-old man in a community in Ebonyi State, as she has been ordered to pay a fine of three goats or face banishment from the village.

It was gathered that the woman, Madam Maria Okoh, was caught by one of her granddaughters having sex with the younger man in Amauzu Nkpoghoro village in Afikpo North Local Government Area of the state and after she and the man were paraded around the town naked and initially banished, the banishment was later rescinded and the fine imposed on her.

A resident of the community who gave his name as Chima said the village elders decided to give Okoh the fine after taking her age into consideration, adding that the three goats were meant to appease the gods of the land over the abomination she committed.

The septuagenarian was allegedly caught in the act by the granddaughter who had gone to give her some food in her farm only to find her and the younger man locked together making love.

On meeting her grandmother in such an uncompromising position with the man, the granddaughter reportedly raised the alarm and immediately went to the village elders to report the matter.

The elders, in turn, instructed the youths to arrest the woman and her lover and parade them around the town naked, beating drums and singing disgraceful songs for them to dance before they were banished as punishment for what was seen as an atrocious abomination.

The village source also said that the widow's family had been begging the elders to reconsider her age and tamper justice with mercy and after a long deliberation, she was given the fine to pay the goats which would be sacrificed to the gods.

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