Word For Today: Blind Faith Gets Open Results!

The reason you get discouraged often times is because you look at what you're praying for often and check it out all the time to see if God has answered you or if the prayer is working; That is not faith. Remember when Jesus cursed the fig tree? He didn't stand there checking it if it was going to die immediately or what will happen after his prayer, he left and the next day he didn't bother to check it out, but his disciple called him to remembrance and told him his prayer was answered and the fig tree has died.

No farmer goes back to the seed he planted to dig it out and check how it is doing underground or to monitor the underground growing process. You need to know that during growth or change there is a shift which often times looks discouraging and that is the reason why you just have to do your thing and leave without checking and monitoring the growth process or how it's doing. Just be sure you gave it your best and don't bother to check it out till people start telling you "Hey you did a great job and hey you made it". This rules I am giving you with some enlightening examples is applicable for everyday life and anything you're doing. I write here and there, but I don't come back to check how many views, how many likes, and how many comments I am getting, And I don't go to others too to check how theirs is doing. I just do my thing and let it speak on my behalf. I drop it and leave and move to the next. You'll be amazed how peaceful, how rewarding, and how fulfilling you will be if you do this. We walk by faith not by sight.

If you're inspired by this my article share to others too, And remember to give credit. God bless you.

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