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1. Blac Chyna Takes A Swipe At Rob Kardashian In New Music Video.

Following their split after baby daddy Rob Kardashian released her nudes online, Blac Chyna is back and stronger.
The mom of two seems to be channeling her inner hurt/triumph in music  videos as she recently took a swipe at Rob in one.
The song titled P.O.P (Power of Pu**y) Chyna, 29, is clad in white lingerie, and could be seen mouthing the three words while flashing knowing glances at the camera.

Chyna, who revealed few weeks back she intends pursuing a career in rap, could be seen holding her hands between her legs and at some point caressing her breasts.

2. See How Rihanna Showed Up To A Friend's Grandfather's Funeral.

She loves fashion and has set fashion trends a couple of times.

Rihanna, stepped out for a friend's dad's burial in Barbados rocking an oversize dress shirt for the event.

The hitmaker matched the dress with nude court shoes and a few gold accessories beaming while being snapped by paparazzi.

3. How The Kardashian/Jenner Clans dressed to their recent gathering.

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