Fashion Focus: Bum Short + Pastor Chris Daughter Sharon Slays In Bum Short In The Streets Of UK.

Pastor Chris Daughter Sharon rocks off-shoulder stripe shirt and bum short for a sunny afternoon walk.

Most Christians see bum short as indecent dressing and are quick to judge whoever rocks it, and the case isn't different in the case of Sharon the daughter of Popular pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy. The girl in this picture that is rocking a bum short is no other than Sharon Oyakhilome the daughter of Pastor Chris.

Sharon is a gospel singer and also an award winning song writer. Pastor Chris oyakhilome's first daughter is looking great on bum short... Lol.

Sharon seems to care-less about the seperation of her parents since she still have the best of both worlds. The young girl is just living her life in a care-free way as you can see lol. After rigorous legal battle held by pastor Anita against her husband which led to their divorce,according to the court proceeding the duo are to take one of their daughters each as Pastor Chris is left with his eldest daughter Sharon while his embattled wife goes with Charlene.

Sharon took the internet by storm when she stormed the street with bum short and off-shoulder as a Pastor kid and Gospel artist.

I'm I here to fashion arrest her ? Nope! He that is without sin throw the first stone. Besides, It's summer and the city is damn hot. God is more concerned about the heart, Nevertheless, If you hold certain position you should be cautious; as a matter of fact everyone should dress decently! Nonetheless, I see nothing wrong in bum short and off-shoulder if your motive isn't to seduce men. So, Do I rock bum short and off-shoulder? Yes I do lol 😁

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