Ministration: Divine Favour!

Divine Favour is unmerited kindess recieved by the reciever who finds grace/mercy in the sight of GOD the giver, In other words Devine Favour is undeserved blessing.

When God wants to visit you in your area of need, He gives you favour (Divine Favour) in the  sight of a person or people.

There are somethings you can't get in life unless GOD favours you, Until you find favour in the sight of GOD you can't get it. GOD can take you to an unexpected and undeserved high class in life to enjoy the sweetness of life through His favour from above a.k.a Divine Favour.

How you can get Divine Favour? You get God's favour by His Grace, Not by your merit, credit, and works, But by God's Grace/Mercy.

As many as read this with faith in GOD, shall obtain Divine Favour this week and beyond; Me that wrote it as a point of contact to reach every beliver in CHRIST that read this in JESUS Mighty Name AMEN. Divine Favour will blow our minds this week and beyond, Our enemies will suffer shame and defeat In The Name Of JESUS CHRIST AMEN. HALLELUJAH FOREVER. THANK YOU LORD!!!

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