A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hi Maryjane,

I am so jealous of my girlfriend. How do I overcome my insecurity. I feel jealous over everything. I made a fool of myself recently by going too far in hurting her; Just because I felt she was cheating on me and she wasn't. What's my problem? Is it only insecurity or excessive love for her? How do I get cured and stop accusing her of things like cheating and unfaithfulness which is not guilty of and absolutely innocent. I know she is faithful, But I have this feeling that she can cheat and leave me for someone better. What should I do?

My Reply- Your problem is both insecurity and excessive jealousy. Work on it and while on it; Apologize to her. She must have gone through a lot in your hands. You've hurt her unjustly over imaginary cheating and unfaithfulness which she didn't commit, So please apologize to her. It is wise to say sorry and ask for forgiveness when you are wrong. Do the right thing and save your relationship.

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