A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hello Maryjane,

We are gays writing you from a part of the world where homosexuality is a crime and the religion forbids it. Our lives are in danger living here everyday. Please we need your help to post our mail in your blog; So that we can get help from any foreign country, group or individual that will offer us visa and invitation to escape for our lives in other to freely be who we truly are.

My Reply - Turn straight, And your lives won't be in danger. No need for you to flee to another place to pratice evil. The only reason I posted this here is to make known my sincere and blunt opinion on this matter. You wrote the wrong person, I am against homosexuality. Why? Because GOD is against it. Run To GOD For Help & Deliverance.

Need an answer to your questions? Email me at: MJdborntoshine@Gmail.Com

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