5 Awesome Ways Linda Ikeji Is An Inspiration!!!

First, Happy 37th Birthday to this awesome lady whose fingerprints are plastered all over the internet as the most controversial Nigerian blogger lol kidding 😂 We all know she's Nigeria's number one in the game till date!!! So let's give it up to her because it's not easy!!! Who bad belle help??? Envy and jealousy will get you no where. That said, I am personally wishing Linda a very happy birthday!!! Below are the 5 awesome ways she is an inspiration.

1. She started from no where. We all know her story, without going into long details; she entered blogging out of failure and frustration in other careers she ventured and blogging turned out to be the one God has used to wipe away her years of suffering and set her up on high before kings and queens. What inspiration is there? Find out what God destined you for, Stop doing the wrong thing that's why you unsuccessful, and no matter where you are you can get somewhere great.

2. She is natural. With almost all the famous Nigerian celebs bleaching and becoming white, Linda still remains black and maintains her natural dark colour. Brava Linda! What inspiration is there? It means black is beautiful, Stay black, And be you #NaturalRock.

3. Linda is a family girl. Some people forget their family when they climb the ladder of success, But not Linda. She has been consistent in bringing her family together and helping them attain a high pedigree in life. So many people are rich but their families are suffering smh. Linda has done a lot for her family and that's an inspiration. What inspiration? Take care of your family first before reaching out to others. If you can't take care of your family you can't take care of others because charity begins at home.

4. Her relationship and love life is under cover. Of course we do not believe the tale that she doesn't have sex lol I believe she does but not revealing who it is or who they are lol which is her personal life and I am not interested, But ERM it's time to back off from any relationship with any wealthy married man and settle down biko NNE. Why? Leave what belong to others and God will give you what belong to you. Try it now and thank me later. You can hide it from people but you cannot hide it from GOD. The only inspiration here is you are a very private and secretive person.

5. She is not an hypocrite. You see some people call God all the time and post about God all the time but they are full of wickedness and ungodliness, But Linda talk about God once in a while and whenever she does a whole lot of people are highly inspired!!! I remember a video she did. What inspiration is there? She acknowledged God.

In conclusion, Happy Birthday Linda, I love you, You are an inspiration, Keep inspiring, Enjoy your day girl 💖

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