This Tithing Thing! (Part 2)

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Let's call a spade a spade. These pastors knows the truth and are just deceiving their guidable members. They tell you if you pay your tithe you will become rich, but they don't tell you the "Longsuffering, patience, and endurance in trials" before the good time. They trickishly don't add "If you continue in doing good *Including tithing* and faint not you will reap in due time". God may decide to let you tithe till the last minute of your life before He opens up the widows of Heaven and overflood you with His blessings... Get it? They make it sound like if you tithe you will get instant wealth... Lol. Abraham was a tither he was blessed by the Grace of prosperity upon his life, Not because he was a tither; As a matter of fact his tithing did not move God to speedily give him the promised child, He waited till his old age. Do not be deceived, serving God and receiving from God requires patience and endurance with faith. Pay your tithe because it is right and because you believe God will fulfill His promise one day, Not because of the deceitful sermons full of false hope they preach to you in order to get into your pockets and rip you of your cash. Selah!

There are people who has paid tithe for years and are as broke and stagnant as hell, But God is crediting their Heavenly accounts and one day He will send it forth to them on earth. The Word Of God says when the cloud is full of rain it empty itself upon the earth. My point is, No short cut to riches and wealth from God. Don't let these pastors deceive you. If your pastor is rich, Take your tithe elsewhere that God will lead you to make a difference, E.g: A smaller Church, A poor pastor, a beginner in the ministry, the poor and needy, the widow, the less privilege, the orphans, your neighbors in need, e.t.c. Using your tithe to make a difference will please God more than using your tithe to further enrich your already rich pastor. Selah!

For example: Your neighbor comes to you that his child is very sick at the hospital and he need some amount of money to save the child, and you have the money but it is your tithe. What do you think God will want you to do? Go and give the money to your rich pastor? Or give it to your neighbor to save his child's life? Of course give it to your neighbor to save the child's life. Do not be decieved. Study the Word of God yourself, Don't depend solely on what comes out of the mouths of those greedy pastors. Selah.

Woe unto you smooth talkers on the pulpits ye smooth criminals looting and plundering the people of GOD.

I dare to talk about these pastors because I am sent by GOD like the Prophet Jeremiah and Prophet Ezekiel sent as a Watchman to speak and rebuke the people for their evil deeds. So, don't give me that "Touch Not My Anointed & Harm Not My Prophet" part of the scripture because it is out of context here.

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