Why You Need To Be Grounded In Your Faith!!!

Like you and every other believer I used to snap in and out of joy based on what's up at the moment, If getting the Word of God at the moment I will be overjoyed but immidiately I see the situation still there stirring at me; I snapped out of joy and my faith decreased. I know I love God and I trust his word and abilities, But the situations sometimes scares me though I'd prefer to be God's super-daughter and unshakable by situations; So I felt bad when I didn't lived up to that standard of high-faith till God explained it to me, And I am here to share it with you.

A believer can live in two world: Eternity vs Reality. Spiritual realm vs Physical realm. You better stay glued to eternity where you see and walk by faith in God, Instead of reality where you face the situations of life with fear and doubts. When you go into Eternity you will feel great about God's promises, But when you return back to reality you will become sad and filled with worries. Has any of you ever snapped in and out of joy and faith? Yes of course and that's what I am talking about, Now you know why; Work on it by walking and living by faith and not by sight. When the WORD of GOD comes it brings joy and faith, But when you see the situation of things the joy leaves and the faith waves/shakes or even returns to zero and the joy disappears; That's why you need to be grounded in your faith. If you walk and live by faith no situation and reality of things will shake you or wave your faith in God and His Word, And you will have everlasting joy.  Now, I can boldly say I am God's super-daughter by His Grace through faith.

If you are inspired by this my article, Share with others too. Remember to give credit and Suscribe too. Thanks and GOD bless you.

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