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Relocating!!! (From LODEBAR To The PALACE).

Hello sweeties, The Lord is so good. Read this my article and be motivated.

In the Bible Lodebar is the land where forgotten people were. Lodebar was the land where Mephiboseth son of Johnathan the best friend of king David was. Mephiboseth was the lame grandson of ex king Saul; That makes Mephiboseth an ex Prince forgotten in the land of forgotten people because he was lame in both legs.

Today I am here to minister to you as The LORD leads me. I can see some Mephiboseth in here, Those of you that your situations and circumstances of life has placed where you are not supposed to be like Mephiboseth in the Bible; you are supposed to be living in the palace or in the best place of life and getting the best of life, But your condition has placed you in the lowest parts of life,You are living a lowlife when you are supposed to be living a highlife. Like Mephiboseth lived in Lodebar the land of forgotten people; You too are forgotten by people and loved ones, you are considered as nobody…

Talk To Angel

Dear Angel,

I've been insecure about how my wife is too close to her bestie at work (A man and her boss). They pratically grew up together and has been friends since childhood. They grew up in the same neighborhood, And work together now, He is her boss. He picks her up and drop her off after work. I am not the only one worried and concerned, Even his wife has expressed her worries and fears like me, But they will not listern to us. What should I do? I am confused.

My Reply: I think there is nothing to be worried about. Try to trust your wife. I believe they are plantonic friends or more like brother and sister. If they had any romantic feelings they would have married each other before you met and got married. Relax and learn to trust your wife. Nevertheless, Let your wife know about your fears and discomfort about this issue.

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Arumeka (Beans And Corn Porridge)

Hey friends! Food talk is back... And today I have an interesting recipe for you all.

*A plate of Arumeka (Beans And Corn Porridge) Yummy!*

Origin: It is a local Nigerian meal but very delicious and nutritious. It is locally called "Arumeka" but in English it is called "Beans And Corn Porridge". It is cooked like beans and yam or beans and rice.

Adalu or Arumeka (Nigerian Beans and corn Porridge) is a delicious traditional Nigerian food, also known as ''Ewa ati Agbado''(yoruba) and ''Agwa na oka''(igbo).
It is a great way to combine beans and corn together. In this way, you get the best of both foods in a single meal.
 If you are not a fan of beans , this  recipe will make you an instant lover of beans.

Here's an easy *Beans And Corn Porridge* recipe!

1. Corn
2. Beans
3. Onion
4. Maggi
5. Salt
6. Pepe
7. Fish

Cook the beans first. Peel the corn and remove it from the cob/stick. When the beans is well don…

15 Positive Signs Of Pregnancy

Some people get pregnant for weeks/months without knowing until it is obviously developed and that's not cool. You need to know so that you can start going for checkups/antinatals.

Here are the positive signs of pregnancy:

1. Amenorrhea (Absence of pregnancy)
2. Morning Sickness (Anytime of the day)
3. Frequent urination
4. Tingling, tender, swollen Breasts
5. Changes in color of vaginal
6. Darkening of areola (Area around nipple) and elevation of tiny glands around nipple
7. Blue and pink lines under shin on breasts and later on abdomen
8.Food cravings
9. Darkening of the line from navel to pubis
10. Softening of uterus and cervix
11. Enlarging uterus and abdomen
12. Intermittent painless contraction
13. Fetal movement
14. Visualization of embryo or gestational sac through ulterasound
15. Fetal Heartbeat & Fetal Movements.

How To Have Twins & Multiple Babies!!!

Would you love to have twins or multiple babies? Try these out... But fundamentally only GOD can determine and decide the number of babies one will have per time, So don't fight yourself or your partners if you do not have twins or multiple, Don't get upset with me either if you try these out and it didn't work for you; Remember what work for A might not work for B. Nevertheless, Try these out it can increase your chance of having twins or multiple babies.

1. Late Marriage/Late Pregnancy: Women in their 30s - 40s and even above have more chance and possibility of having twins or multiple babies. After a certain age women ovulate more eggs or more than one egg monthly that's why older women stand more chance than younger ones.

2. Fertility Stimulation/Infertility Treatment: Women who go through medical procedures and infertility treatment to stimulate fertility in order to get pregnant have a high chance and possibility of giving birth to twins or multiple babies.

3. Ge…

During Pregnancy: Does Eating For Two Really Count?

The old adage "Eating for two" during pregnancy has been in existence for long, But does it really count? The fact that something is popular doesn't mean it is true but sometimes it is.

The first thing to realize is that although you are supporting two people, the old adage "eating for two" does not literally mean consuming twice as much, for numbers of reasons:

1. During pregnancy your body absorbs more of the nutrients from the gut, and therefore uses more of the calories you have taken in
2. You excretes less of these nutrients
3. A foetus is not as big as an adult

However, when you are pregnant your need for certain nutrients does increase, and even doubles in the case of vitamin C and calcium, so you do need to take extra care that your diet is nutritionally balanced. You should be able to meet your needs with a regular healthy diet which is:

1. Rich in high-fibre carbohydrates
2. Rich in fresh fruits and vegetables
3. Moderate in lean proteins and dairy p…

Best Sex Positions For Pregnant Women!!! (Adults Only) 18+

Hey sweeties, Do you know that during pregnancy the desire of sex rises for most women and the men's desire gets lower? Not because he doesn't like sex anymore but he is scared of hurting his pregnant wife. Some men are disgusted and irritated to have sex with their pregnant wife during pregnancy and this is really shameful and will put the wife in serious pain when putting to birth and pushing out the baby because the way will be totally blocked/closed. During pregnancy it's better to do sex positions that the woman will be in control and it is not advisable to do hard sex. Here are 10 sex positions that are safe and enjoyable during pregnancy. (Warning!!! Viewers Discretion Advised) +18. Adults only!

The Clip

The Rocking Horse

The Curled Angel (Also Called Spooning)

The Amazon

The Reverse Cowgirl

Doggy Style

 From Behind
 The Perch

The Hound (Similar To Doggy Style)

Frontal Cowgirl Styles (Also Called Woman On Top)

Me, Myself, And I ( 5 Photos Of Me )

2018 look good on meπŸ”₯ Looking at 2018 like.... πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ GREAT!!! 2018 is my year. Baby girl for life. I am BLESSED and highly FAVOURED by GOD. Hallelujah!!!

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Word For Today!

Who God has blessed, No one can curse.
Remember the story of Balaam & Balak. Balaam couldn't curse Isreal as Balak requested because the blessing of the Lord was upon them. In Numbers 22 vs 12 It is written: But God said to Balaam, “Don’t go with them! Don’t curse these people, because they are blessed.”

Why Guest Blogging Works!!!

Today I'll be talking about guest blogging. It's actually about featuring other blogger's post on your blog with credit given to the guest blogger in such a way that your readers can locate the blog of the blogger. Some bloggers do this and have no problem with it. Most bloggers find it difficult to do it because they don't want you to be like them or outshine them (That is so wrong) there is love is selfless sharing. Besides, you can't stop someone eles's shine because what will be will be, Delay is not denial.

2Types Of Guest Blogging:

1. Unpaid Guesting Blogging: when one blogger feature another blogger freely or when both agree on featuring each other freely. You can feature the blogger on your blog without being featured on the blogger's blog Or you may request that the blogger should also feature you on his/her blog for exchange of readership.

2. Paid Guest Blogging: You can pay to be featured as a guest blogger in a blog Or you can be hired as a gues…

Word For Today!

Some people are spiritually and inwardly snakes. Stop being friend to a snake, It is dangerous. A snake is poisonous and deceitful. Remember, the devil came in form of a snake to deceive (Eve) because she listened to the snake, she held a conversation with the snake, she was sort of friendly with the snake and she obeyed the snake instead of God. Likewise, some of you have a friend who is a snake in your life, Cut off immediately and run for your dear life (Flee). Do not tempt God by playing with fire. Cut off and run (Flee).

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Wedding Inspiration: MJB Weddings!!!

Maryjane Blogazine Weddings

Today, I am not showcasing a particular designer or design, I am showcasing varieties of wedding gowns that can inspire and help you make the right choice. I care about you and want to take a ride with you on this widow-shopping here for your dream gown.

Here are 50 Wedding Gowns Inspiration that you can take to your designers for a pick of the right one that suit your taste and body structure. 50 Wedding Gowns To Inspire Your Choice Of A Dream Dress For Your Big Day!!! Enjoy Viewing!

MJB Catalog