3 Solid Reasons Why Women Are Becoming Lesbians

Note: This post is only for adults from 18+

More and more women are becoming lesbians everyday, We are bothered that's why we show concern by writing this article. This article is carefully put together by MJB Team to tackle the "Problem" Do you concur it's a problem? Yes it is because it's not the normal way to have sex, It is Biblically disapproved. We know it's a normal thing for worldly people, But for people like us at MJB who see homosexuality as abnormality because of our strong belief in GOD this topic is a must talk about and as a matter of fact a must "Talk Against". Let's take a look at the 3 solid reasons why women are turning over to women for sexual pleasure.

1. Lack of satisfaction from men: The fault and blame may be on you if you don't satisfy your woman. Are you good in bed? Do you know what your woman like in bed? Do you give it to her the way she want it and when she need it? 

2. Some women prefer the tongue to penis. The truth of the matter is that majority of women prefer the tongue to penis.

3. Bad Influence: Some lesbians were influenced and initiated into lesbianism through bad company. That's why you have to stay away from bad friend/evil people who will influence you nagatively and badly.

Note: Lesbians are not easily known unlike gays who are easily identified. Many women who are lesbians are bisexuals they live double sex life. They appear to be living a normal life with a man, fall in love with a man, Get married to a man, And have children. Women cover up their mess better. Men, Shine your eyes. If she is too close to a particular female friend or same sex then it's time to monitor and investigate. Get your facts right before jumping into conclusion. Some women are very playful with fellow women and playfully playfully they end up in bed.

( Posted By MJB Team ).

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