Arumeka (Beans And Corn Porridge)

Hey friends! Food talk is back... And today I have an interesting recipe for you all.

*A plate of Arumeka (Beans And Corn Porridge) Yummy!*

Origin: It is a local Nigerian meal but very delicious and nutritious. It is locally called "Arumeka" but in English it is called "Beans And Corn Porridge". It is cooked like beans and yam or beans and rice.

Adalu or Arumeka (Nigerian Beans and corn Porridge) is a delicious traditional Nigerian food, also known as ''Ewa ati Agbado''(yoruba) and ''Agwa na oka''(igbo).
It is a great way to combine beans and corn together. In this way, you get the best of both foods in a single meal.
 If you are not a fan of beans , this  recipe will make you an instant lover of beans.

Here's an easy *Beans And Corn Porridge* recipe!

1. Corn
2. Beans
3. Onion
4. Maggi
5. Salt
6. Pepe
7. Fish

Cook the beans first. Peel the corn and remove it from the cob/stick. When the beans is well done, Wash your corn and add it to the beans in the fire. Add all the other ingridents and cover to be properly done. That's it... Very simple and tasteful. Try it out, And thank me later!!!

Enjoy your meal...

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