How To Have Twins & Multiple Babies!!!

Would you love to have twins or multiple babies? Try these out... But fundamentally only GOD can determine and decide the number of babies one will have per time, So don't fight yourself or your partners if you do not have twins or multiple, Don't get upset with me either if you try these out and it didn't work for you; Remember what work for A might not work for B. Nevertheless, Try these out it can increase your chance of having twins or multiple babies.

1. Late Marriage/Late Pregnancy: Women in their 30s - 40s and even above have more chance and possibility of having twins or multiple babies. After a certain age women ovulate more eggs or more than one egg monthly that's why older women stand more chance than younger ones.

2. Fertility Stimulation/Infertility Treatment: Women who go through medical procedures and infertility treatment to stimulate fertility in order to get pregnant have a high chance and possibility of giving birth to twins or multiple babies.

3. Genetic/Family Tree: Women who comes from a family linage where twins or multiple babies have been born stand a chance of giving birth of twins or multiple babies. Birthing twins or multiple babies can be genetic

4. Food/Good Diet: Women who eat meat and fatty foods stand more chance to give birth to twins or multiple babies than women who are strictly vegetarians and eat only vegetables.

5. Climate/Weather: Women who lives in certain country with hot climate like Africa stand more chance to give birth to twins or multiple babies than women in cold countries.

6. Frequent Pregnancy/Frequent childbirths: Women who are very fertile get easily pregnant, and give birth all the time; stand a great chance of giving birth to twins or multiple babies.

7. Prayer: God answers prayer! Prayer works. You certainty stand the chance and can break the impossibility of having twins or multiple babies if only you can pray to God with faith in him; you will receive your divine miracle twins or multiple babies. The word of God says; Ask and you shall be given. I dare you to ask and you'll come back with a testimony. With God all things are possible and there is nothing too hard for God.

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