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About Last Night 🔥

Thanks for coming peeps. My party was lit 🔥. Culled from my instagram page @iposh_ #iposh #angeleze #aboutlastnight #partyvibes

Khloe Of Bbnaija

Khloe, Koko, Whatever! You are a big disappointment. Needless to say I'm really disappointed using my medium to advocate for your return. Since you came back it has been from one unnecessary quarrel to another. If Khloe wins then Bbnaija is scripted. Can somebody pls put her out before she tanish her image completely and ruin other housemates (SMH). HOH my foot, No characteristics of a good leader. Another thing, too emotionless for a lady and this happens when a woman gets paid for sex, She hardly give herself freely for love. Hard core hustler without emotion is not good for the show. We want to see some emotions not just shouting and quarreling all the damn time Khloe! 

Foodie Talk: Pasta Al Sugo

International Food Recipe Of The Day: Pasta Al Sugo. It is traditionally an Italian meal and originated from Italy which is known as number 1 on food matters all over the world.


Let's Talk About It

Vanity upon vanity all is vanity. 40mil hair? Lol I guess that hair is not even worth a 100k. Now a Mopol to watch over your sorry behind over alleged threat? Lol by who? What's her name again? Just get a life (In Christ). ✌💖.