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O My Nigeria

Nigeria why? But why? Why? Na so we see am... So many lives perished in the fuel tanker explosion in Lagos. What a bad governance... What a corrupt nation... What a bad politics... This is pure case of negligence and bad leadership. Our rulers should know that tankers with fuel should be separated from commercial vehicles on the highway SMH. I'm pissed right now. Nothing is working in my country and my people are suffering, I can't be relaxed outside the country because I'm concerned. So so bad news from Naija... Nigeria which way??? Time to take our future into hands and cast the right vote next election.... Don't sell your votes next election... See what it is causing... The wrong people in power will do us no good.. But when the righteous rule the people rejoice and dwell in safety. Time to use our hands to repair our future and not to fight ourselves. Condolences to the families that lost loved ones in the fuel tanker explosion in Lagos. R. I. P to the dead. *

Piece Of Me!

My people, As una see me so I no fit shout and I no fit force.  If I give I myself to you and you don't appreciate it I will just withdraw. As something dey hot for myside na so e take dey quick cold o.  I no get time and I no value anything for this life.  I be I don't care kind of person.  I dey take life easy because nothing dey for this life,  Naked we came and Naked we will return, So I no fit die for anything. I no send.  If you want to keep seeing me around show appreciation and support or else na go I dey so.  Before this I dey live and after this I go still dey live dey go, I no miss anything na una go miss me,  because  who lose me lose gold and most precious/priceless treasure. I just say make I let una know sha no be say one day una go look  una no see me again lol No be  say I no like una or I no serious  but  una no show enough love and appreciation for where I dey so I come feel say una support level na zero.  God bless!!!

Businesses You Can Start Without Capital.

The day to day deteriorating economy condition in the world have made it difficult for many people to raise capital for starting business ventures. As such, many have opted to operate small businesses that can be carried out at the comfort of their dwelling places. This discourse, therefore, seeks to discuss different ventures that can be started with little or no capital at all.

Blogging for example is a good business you can start without capital. Why not try it out if you have the passion for writing and reporting. There is money in passion, the passion keeps you going even in the storms till it starts generating income.

Consultancy services are one of the business ventures that you can start without thinking of money. Some of these consultancy services include marriage, legal, educational and property consultancy. Here, you do not need any capital to start. You only need to posses the relevant professional skills for any of the above fields. Your immediate pool of clients should b…

Understanding Your Body & Circle!!!



Most girls don't understand this because of much heavy grammar used to teach it, and we don't listen to our body too. I started listening to my body for signs and I arrived at the simple analysis/steps........
πŸ‘‰MENSTRUAL PERIOD:The time blood flows out of your private area, when you use pad.
πŸ‘‰MENSTRUAL CYCLE: Days it takes to see another blood in the month. If you last saw your period in June 11th and it started again on July 10th 2017, then you have 30days cycle (count from 11 June to 10 July).
NOTE: It is erroneous to believe its 28days cycle, different women have different cycles ranging from 21-35 days.
πŸ‘‰OVULATION PERIOD: This is time to get pregnant without stress. This is 2 weeks after your period or 2 weeks before the next period.
Here's a simple way to calculate your ovulation (unsafe) period.
1. From the first day you see the blood of your period.
2. Pick up a calendar and count 15 days including the …


Na who born this fine girl ? Awww see as I fine... ASA... OMALICHA 1 Of Anambra State. I thank GOD I wasn't a wasted sperm πŸ™Œ. I want to put my brand, name, face and platform on celebrating SPERM!!! I was a sperm that my parents kept and allowed to live to form me. I Thank GOD I wasn't eliminated or aborted.

Today, let's have a moment of silence in honour of those children who were not born but were:

1. Swallowed during a blow job.

2. Thrown away in condom.

3. Washed off during masturbation.

4.  Dropped on someone's breast and died in tissue paper.

5. Slipped on someone's hip and lost with water.

6. And many more unfortunate incidents.

Consider yourself very lucky to be alive, because you made it....!!! Thank GOD for the gift of life.

You were a sperm that survived!!! You were the fastest swimmer and you made it!!! You were a sperm that survived  while billions of others perished. So do not feel down. Live life and enjoy life. If you made it when you were a sperm.…

5 Awesome Ways To Uplift Your Business & Career!!!

Hi everyone! This is an interesting subject for all of us who are self-employed and CEOs. We are always looking out for new ways and how to push our business and career forward.

Business and career needs rebranding and re-strategizing from time to time. Don't just grow your business/career, Grow with it. Just as the human body outgrows certain clothes; Likewise business/career outgrows certain things and needs changes from time to time to stay relevant, improve, and on top. I've come up with 5 tips that can help!

Nuella & Tchidi

Nuella & Tchidi, So you guys went to the Holy Presence of the Most High to coronize your adulterous marriage with a white wedding bah? No fear of GOD at all smh. The disaster that will befall that adulterous marriage and the people congratulating you is still doing press up. You took him away from Sofia and he will be taken away from you. The good old karma is on the way, No matter how long it takes to come it must surely come. By the way, Nuella who were you wearing? Of course yourself. This is the most local and ugliest wedding gown ever worn by a celeb. This wedding gown is local in all levels. Cheap white materials... Extremely cheap stuff, And locally sawn. You looked a disaster on your own wedding day. What a tasteless and classless look! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

My Charity Organization - Street Angel Foundation And Empowerment (SAFE) Safe For All.

SAFE is blessing this lovely family composed of the couple, their first child, and their twins with a cash gift and the family are very happy indeed of the generosity and kind gesture. I can do much more with your support. Support and Join me help the suffering world, the poor, and the needy all over the world. SAFE is for all... No religion or racial discrimination... I reach out to all. Love knows no boundary and have no limit. Let's do this... Join me now. To sponsor and contribute DM me or Send your mails to Safe4allmail@Gmail.Com

Where Your Strength Lies: Your Selling Point

Good morning beautiful people of MJB, I'm blessed to have you and I appreciate you all. Today, I want to unveil to you how to unleash your strenght and use it as your selling point to your advantage. So many people know their passion, likes and dislikes, but not many people are aware of their strength and how they can use it to their advantage. O yes that's a bestselling trick right there... Know your strength and use it as your selling point.

What can you really do that get people talking? What do you have that turn heads your way? In my own case it's my opinion....!!! I don't know why I got it going for me even when I was a kid lol, But I believe it's a gift from God. Whenever I give my opinion through write-ups or speech it turns into gold and captures the focus of all. What is yours?

What is the favourite part of your body? What's the part that everyone usually compliments in you? That's your selling point... And hey I don't mean sell your body by …


Summer Floral Printed Chiffon Maxi Dress πŸ‘— Designed by @iposh_signatures Also available at @iposh_boutique on Instagram. DM on IG pages or Mail to MJdborntoshine@Gmail.Com

How To Skip Depression & Anxiety!!!

Hey sweeties, You may not know that your worries are taking you down depression lane already. Overcome your anxiety before it leads you elsewhere. Depression comes knocking when you think a lot, worry a lot , and have fears of the morrow or future. Here are 5 helpful tips on how to skip depression before it lands! (Prevention is better than cure). This my article will give you preventive tips!

1. Be positive: Even amidst negativity and uncertainty, Just stay calm and untroubled.

2. Enjoy yourself: Enjoy everything and anything you do! E.g job, hobby, e.t.c. Even if you are making nothing out of it; your wellbeing is more important and in reality you are making the greatest thing out of it because you are happy and having fun. Just enjoy yourself!

3. Choose the right company: Some people are discouragers and sadist. Chase such people from around you. Surround yourself with positive and inspirational people like me who bring the best out of you... Lol.

4. Be independent: Not only financ…

Foodie Talk

Food Styling --- Food Design --- Be inspired:  multicolour and mixed food. Here is a plate of fried & jellof rice with assorted meat & fish & plantains. Nice and colourful summer food combo. What do you think? Great right? Let's eat ❤

The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

To me an entrepreneur is a one with a unique vision, strong passion, and crazy drive to bring the vision to reality. An entrepreneur is a day dreamer and also an achiever. An entrepreneur is a person confident in self and vision. An entrepreneur is someone that fill an empty space in the market place and provide the need through the unique services by the vision.

Now, Let me take you into the mind of an entrepreneur:

1. An entrepreneur is vision conscious, vision driven, and not money driven. Vision first and money will follow, If not chasing money will kill the vision. A fulfilled vision brings about a fulfilled life.

2. An entrepreneur set a goal and gets to meet it. An entrepreneur is a go-getter.

3. An entrepreneur have a creative and unique mind and puts it to work.

4. An entrepreneur is persistent and doesn't take a fall as a fail.

5. An entrepreneur sees far, an entrepreneur sees what others cannot see, an entrepreneur sees the end from the start and works round it to bring…

Piece Of Me...

Me looking all sexy and simple ❤ Goodmorning all. Hey celebs, If I call you out and you ignore or go to block, Instead of replicating you are guilty as charged πŸ˜€. That's what most of you do to me and I'm still doing what I'm doing; you should know by now that it means I'm just passionate about saying the truth and not hungry for fame or popularity. Well, is your name that will remain in the mud uncleared. So, you can keep quiet oh... While I diss you... That's your business not mine, Na you e go affect not me. It takes one to start a rumour and two to spread it. I post my readers spread. Lol πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

Why Some Men Fear Marriage!!!

Why are some men so scared of marriage? Why are they so terrified about the topic marriage? Why does it irritate and disgust some men? The thought of it even make some nauseate lol. As a matter of fact more than 70% have the fear of marriage syndrome.

Some men can date you for donkey years without problem, but immediately you mention "Where is this relationship heading to?" They freeze up and chicken out immediately lol.

Here are the reasons some men fear marriage:

1. Insecurity: It may be financially, psychologically, or otherwise.

2. Anxiety: The fear of not knowing what the future holds for the marriage and the fear of you changing negatively towards them in the marriage.

3. Over Selective: Some men find it difficult to settle with you because they are picky. They want the full package on their list of a ideal woman but you only possess some qualities.

4. Indecisive: He likes you a lot, but he is not sure if he loves you enough to settle with you forever.

5. Everlasting …


A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

How do I know a good wife? I am in search of a good wife. Please help me with tips and advice. I'm afraid of making the greatest mistake of my life in marrying the wrong woman, Because I know for sure that most women change in marriage. They are good before marriage, but turns into a "She-devil" in marriage. Why is it so? I am so scared of that. Please I need your advise, Thanks.

My Reply:
Let your heart lead you. You don't have to be afraid, There is no fear in Love. Take the bold step. No venture no success. Risk takers are bold and fearless people. Yes it's a risk to go into marriage, but it is a risk that is worth taking. It's a decision for better for worse till death separate you and should be prayed over before taking the bold step. Watch and Pray. Be careful and look unto God to make the right choice. Men also change in marriage, Not only women. So, just go ahead and get married without fear but with lov…

Fashion Corner: Fashion LOOKBOOK!

Here are some look to feed ya eyes with and be inspired. You might find a suitable look for you for the day *Winks*. Dressing up is about a setup plan for where you are going to and what would be suitable for the place, time, and climate. Keep on keeping up with my fashion posts and be inspired to upgrade your fashion-sense and taste πŸ™Œ

Foodie Talk

Food Recipe Of The Day: Ofada Rice & Ofada Stew. Originally from Nigeria. The colour of the rice and stew is darker than the normal one everyone is used to. Try it out.

How to  prepare Ofada StewWash and blend the peppers and the onion. Remember to remove the seeds from the green tatashe or the green bell peppers.Grind the crayfish and the locust bean seasoning with a dry mill. Ofada stew is tasty and delicious, Though it may not be as attractive as red stew in appearance.

How to prepare Ofada rice 1. Wash and rinse thoroughly with water twice till property clean.
2. Cook till done.
Ofada Rice, also known as brown rice, is a local, Nigerian unpolished rice which is non-modified. It is short, robust and brown rice
Enjoy your meal...


A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

My wife was the best in bed before I got married to her. To be sincere that was one of the good qualities I saw in her that made me settled for her out of my numerous girlfriends then. Little did I know that she just used it as a tool to get me to pick her as my chioce. After marriage she changed automatically. Let me tell you what she does these days at bedtime; She turn over to the other side and sleep off, she gives various excuses like tiredness and headache if I request for sex, At times she even sleep off during love-making. Please talk to her for me. She reads your blog, She is your big fan.

My Reply:
 Thanks for writing and sharing, And extend my greetings to your wife. I don't get it, Did you really married her because she was good in bed? Oh that's a very wrong reason yo marry someone. Try and talk to your wife heart to heart and find out the reason  behind her change. She might be facing some problems bothering her tha…

Fashion Inspiration - Yellow & Blue Combo

Yellow & Blue is a hit. We all know that not colours can match with one another. In order not to wear a colour riot or off colour you need to know how to combine colours perfectly. Some colours can cause contrast among themselves as if they're fighting lol. Anyway, You can learn how to match up colours in order to get a hit look. Yellow and blue colours are nice combination. This look is absolutely a hit.  Be inspired!

Alex Unusual

Alex I will not let you go until you start making great monies out of your fame πŸ˜€ I heard you are crying secret silent tears over my posts about you and asking people around you why I hate you so much and what you have done to deserve it. Eyah...Sorry dear, Welcome to STARDOM and this is the Price you pay for being famous; Having everybody on your business πŸ˜€. Anyway, I don't hate you dear, I  will prove it to you now by giving you some career ideas, Since you don't want to go into business like Nina and no endorsement deals are coming your way like Cece, Just do what I'm about to suggest to you and last last you will be fine financially. I notice you have Writing Skill/Talent. Focus on that. I see potential in you and I want to spill it out. You are a very good writer. It's time to start using your writing skill/talent to earn money not writing long free epistles for Tobi 😁. Just imagin how much you can make through writing considering the multitudes of followers y…

Daniel's Family Reunion

So, Daniel finally after years of emotional and psychological torture of depriving this woman from seeing her first and only child you think you can clean up you and Stella's dirty adulterous images with these pics? Claiming it has always been good in the hood when it was really messy and the ship sinked totally without any form of communication. You need to pay Doris for damages for the emotional and psychological melt down you caused her over the years. I'm so happy she can now see her son. God did this miracle of reunion so stop taking the glory. Years back no one would think this day will ever come. This is so cute. I'm so happy for this family reunion Daniel pls keep it up. This is God's original set up for this family - Daniel, Doris, And David, Till that she-devil of a husband snatcher Stalla Damasus came in and scattered this beautiful family. Stella, watch this ship it just departed and it is sailing back to where it came from and you will be left stranded an…


Oh my Nina! Niny... Nikita... Nina-lee.. Ninalita... Ninalicious... Nina-Baby... Nina'm... I can go on and on praising you with sweet names my darling Nina. I'm so proud of the woman you are becoming. This industrious, Ambitious, Super woman image looks great on you.. Keep striving for more. You can become more... Be more.. While at it go back to school.. You can do it all.. Who says you can't have it all? Yes you can. I love hardworking, business-minded, and serious entrepreneurs like you because I'm one. Pls mentor Alex on how to become one since endorsement deals are not coming her way because she lacks class and taste and too local to be endorsed. Anyway, Enough of Alex. Nina, lemme dash you a business idea my sweetheart; Instead of advertising person beauty product just do your own... You go sell well well... You can call the cream - "Ninatone or Ninafix or Nina whatever" Try it and thank me later @nina_ivy_ The Princess Of BBN2018.. Princess Nina.. A g…


I officially name you C-Class πŸ‘πŸ‘.. CC πŸ‘‘ All hail the queen of BBN2018 King CeCe. Class is inbuilt.. It can't be bought.. It's either you have it or you don't. I need more C pls. Where is more C-pics when you need one? C for life... My Vitamin C... Who else need some Vitamin C? My super C, My vitamin C. I call you C-Class because you are classy. I also call you C-International because you are going places. @ceec_official congrats on all your money moves/deals and more Blessings girl 😘 Pls help me mentor Alex 😁 You've got a lot of inbuilt class to dish out C-Baby! C-Okwu! C-Fire! C-Sexy! C-Power! C-Money! C-Star! C-Posh! C-Class πŸ’•

Night Post (HOT Post) Adults Only 18+

Every woman is a lil bit lesbian, True or false? There's something about a woman's body that attracts both men and women. A naked woman with a nice boobs attracts both male and female. Every woman is a lil bit lesbian... But GOD pass satan... So, I'm 100% straight, No homo. What about you? SAY NO TO HOMOSEXUALITY. Resist the devil and he will flee.

Love Matter!

Dear ladies & gentlemen, When choosing a life partner don't go for someone extremely beautiful or too handsome; they know they are marketable and of high demand. Go for the inward beauty not the outward appearance. Yes I'm fine too... And I know what that makes me feel like... Just Grace that makes some of us fine people to behave ourselves 😁. Our inner beauty is seen in our actions. By their fruits you shall know them.


Be the bigger person, Offenses must come but the way you handle it determines if you are the bigger person or not. Grace has come, It's no more an eye for an eye. Let GOD answer for you, Let GOD reply for you, Let GOD fight and win for you. You need speedy answer to your prayers? Let go of offense. Forgive. Let go and let GOD. You cannot hold Offense in your heart and expect God to release His Hands and grant your heart desires unto you. The time to let Go has come. Release whosoever you are holding offense against in your heart. The Word Of GOD says; In the time of ignorance The LORD overlooked but now command everyone everywhere to repent.